We Launched CLEOTV And Here’s What Went Down!

We’ve been sealing our lips tight for a few months now and we’re finally ready to let you in on the big news! *inhale**exhale* CLEO TV is launched! Our  YouTube channel features a whole lot of segments that include CLEO Chats, CLEO Tries, CLEO Style Class, CLEO Beauty School and CLEO Eats, each bringing you curated content that will satisfy that curious mind of yours.

To celebrate this big milestone, we had a not-so-little shindig at Slate at The Row on 31 October. We shared the joy with influencers, CLEO Hot Shots, Bachelors and readers who joined us in the fun activities that happened at five different booths which were inspired by yup, CLEO TV’s playlists. We were also running contests and challenges at each booth, where participants could win a Samsung Galaxy A50s and other attractive prizes. Swipe to see what went down that day!

CLEO Hot Shots 2019 Spent A Day With JD And This Is What Went Down

[UPDATE!]: We even shot our CLEOTV launch video on the Samsung Galaxy A50s so see what CLEOTV is and our very first CLEOBuzz!


Special thanks

Main sponsor: Samsung Malaysia 
Venue Partner: Slate at The Row
Fashion: Bershka, and Pull & Bear
Beauty: Ummi Nasir using Dior Makeup
Eats: Acai Lab 

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we challenged participants to make short videos using the samsung galaxy a50s

The CLEO TV launch wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsor Samsung Malaysia. We had a great opportunity to test out the new Galaxy A50s through the activities at all booths. Where we’re looking at now is the Samsung Main Room where friends of CLEO were challenged to create their own stop motion and short videos with the phone, featuring the video stabilisation function. They rolled up their sleeves to make characters out of clay, thought hard about their plots, played around with the props available and let their wildest imagination and creativity run loose.

We gave away a Samsung Galaxy A50s to the winner of the Second Prize, while the winner of the First Prize brought home a Galaxy A50s and a Galaxy Watch Active.

A panoramic view of the Samsung Main Room

The background was too cute for Steffi Sidhu to miss out on a photo opportunity

Haqiem Rusli creating his story, with retro robots, vintage vehicles and pencils?! #cute!

Kathy Park creatively playing around with extra effects from projection lights!

With all the artsy props, you could pretty much film any story, just like Davina Goh here

Making videos is so quick and easy with the GalaxyA50s and Nadia Rose tries it out for herself

Two is better than one, and CLEO Bachelors from 2017 Megat Ammar and Brian Chan were totally at it with the props

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