Here Are The Brands You MUST Check Out In Malaysia For Cute Customisable Stationery!

Now that the “Monday of months” is officially gone, we’re at high risk of slipping back into our old habits again. Forgetting our resolutions, overspending, etc – and it all comes down to one word: lack of planning. As much as we HATE doing that, planning can actually be executed in a less serious way. And the tool that you’ll need is simply just a notebook (one that you absolutely will LOVE)!

For stationery lovers, a turn of smooth papers and the touch of pens with the right angled tip can kindle their urge to write/plan. However, if that churning feeling doesn’t burn that easily inside you, go get yourself a personalised notebook. From choosing the designs of your cover to the type of paper bound inside, you’ll want to look at it more ’cause you technically created it yourself. Now check out these places that do awesome customisable stationery!



13 Malaysian Stationery Brands That You Need To Check Out!

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First glance at their notebooks and you’ll notice ooh how delicate the quality is! Their hardcovers are so smooth to touch, their papers are so thick… with these qualities we don’t even need to see the designs to fall in love.

Speaking of which, there are a total of 25 designs to choose from. You’ll not have an easy time while selecting because all of them are just so PRETTY! Well, it’s a given since Mossery is a brand owned by two graphic design students – Vivian Loh and Chang Wai Lam.

The cover is not the only thing customisable, you can also engrave any wording on top of it with your chosen font! And wait, we’re not finished yet. There’s more! The papers are can be personalised too. Whether you want the inside to be bound with lined paper, checkered, dots or empty, anything’s possible.

We love how these notebooks are secured with spirals because that means they’d be able to lay flat. Writing would be so much easier now without the tilting and angling of the usual notebooks. It also saves the hassle for us who are always in need of stick notes as the loops allow us to cleanly tear off the pages. That’s music to the ears for stationery lovers since we hate any damage done to our precious stationery.

The process of ordering one for yourself is a breeze. Simply head over to Mossery’s website, and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the type of product you’d like to purchase (notebook / planner / journal).
  2. Pick the cover design you like.
  3. Choose the type of paper.
  4. Type in your name and select the font for personalisation (you can preview it if you’re having a hard time imagining what you’ve created).
  5. Add to bag and Pay!

Shipping will take about 10 to 15 days and your baby will come in a very cute box all bundled in bubble wrappers inside. So no worries for those afraid of receiving damaged goods, they’ll come in tip-top condition.



FB: @mossery

IG: @mosseryco

Price Range: RM23-RM103


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