A Day At The Art Science Museum Singapore: Escher’s World Of Wonder

Concrete jungle.

A trip to a museum is the epitome of a Sunday well spent. Well, second in the running after ‘laying in bed all day’. After making some new friends from Laneway Festival in Sinagpore the day before, I was invited to an Escher exhibit at the Art Science Museum in Singapore.

For those who don’t know of M.C. Escher, you may at least recognize his works as it’s highly popular within pop culture. He’s one of the world’s most famous graphic designers and his artwork explores tessellation and transformative shapes and even metamorphosis. He pursued his mathematical research and created boundless images executed with incredible detail and precision in an attempt to represent: infinity.

Escher’s work is a symbol of the interrelationship of art and science and his work continues to inspire artists, mathematicians, designers, architects who are fond of his playful designs in creating inventive immersive worlds and fascinating constructions.

Image: Art Science Museum

These are notably my favourite artworks from the exhibit stemming from the metamorphosis and tessellations section.

Tessellation: Escher was passionate about geometric decoration, where any shape would repeat like tiles to cover a plane without any gaps.

Metamorphosis: Escher created a world of transformation of based on different kinds of tessellations. Where abstract shapes change into concrete forms. A world where birds can gradually transform into fishes or a lizard morphs into a cell of a honeycomb.

Fish Scales III: Black, red and gold variant on brushed aluminum.

And just to add in my favourite parts of the exhibition:

Escher is a boss

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