How To DIY Your Own Abstract Christmas Wreath

I’m usually sitting at home with my 3 cats over the weekend. I always tell myself I’m gonna be “productively different”, but the days start, and pretty much end with me doing the same damned thing each time – sayang cats; catch up on work; be a potato; sayang cats more lelz. To be totally honest, there are only so many activities you can carry out on your own. Yes, there are things you can always find to do, but most places cater to groups instead of (han) solos.


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Over last weekend, however, I was lucky enough to be invited over to a #TishStyleSesh – a weekly series of craft workshops that Tish has been organising since May this year. Like everyone else, Christmas was on their minds, which ended up in the whole of November being themed as such! Mustasha, founder of Flora By Liz, headed the workshop, and was kind enough to give us some rad tips on how you can pull of an abstract wreath like a pro.




We were told to think of a theme – in our case, it was Christmas! Textures, purpose, and whether you wanted something traditional, or totally abstract was the beginning of our wreath making process. Mustasha also mentioned how using contrasting colour schemes is always a plus!

Which wreath do you 'pine' for? a) classic b) artsy c) natural d) rainbow

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Give yourself a budget! We were given some pro tips on how you can find some really good and cheap finds in Petaling Street, but you’d have to be willing to walk around and have a look see at the variations. To make your life easier, these are the things that you’ll be needing; Pruning shears, wire clippers, scissors, wires (no. 20 & 24), ribbons, loose greens, loose flowers, and a base.


I used eucalyptus, easily dried flowers, and additional festive props!



#TishStyleSesh in the works.

With good reason, this can be a fairly tedious part, but with creativity, one must allow one’s work to live and speak for itself. In simpler terms, roll with it if it doesn’t turn out exactly as planned! Follow these 3 simple steps to create your own customised wreath;

  1. Cut your greens and arrange them into bunches. It’s Mustasha’s professional advise to use a maximum of 3 types of greenery. Attach them to your base ring, using cut wires shaped into a little “U” – think of its function as a bobby pin.
  2. Coverage of your base ring is entirely up to you. Once you’ve covered enough of your base ring with greeneries, start adding accents with flowers and props!
  3. You can either prune your wreath to make it look more refined (basically snipping away at “strayers”) or keep it natural and bohemian looking. You can even compliment your wreath with some ribbons.


The End Product

I wanted to keep mine abstract/boho/minimal-esque, but it was a Christmas wreath workshop after all, so I added a silver acorn, finished it off with some make shift gold glitter (that stuff was spilling off some props!), and boxed it with a bunch of leftover flowers for that added unf.