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Do You Have What It Takes To Kill It At Work?

Because you need more than just mere know-how to nail it at work.

We’ve all witnessed that moment when a VIP enters a room and attracts intense, positive attention. Heads turn, and people gravitate towards them. In other words, they have an X-factor – what’s called the true leader exude – a presence that says you’re in charge and deserve to be. “Some call it charisma; people call it charm,” says Ferda Liu, producer and presenter of the BFM enterprise show.

Change Their Perception

Wanna move upwards? Then you need to nail this. According to study done by the Center for Talent Innovation in New York, perceived by leadership material is essential to being promoted into leadership. In fact, the 268 senior executives surveyed said that an Executive Presence counts for 26 per cent of what it takes to get promoted. In essence, it’s a foundation that will enable your career to thrive.

The good news is that anyone can learn the subtle tricks to this trait. “Once you’ve got the hard skills, completing the package is the soft skills, like developing Emotional Quotient (EQ), working on your image, etc, right down to the way you speak,” says Freda.

A leaf out of Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s new book called Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success explains that there are three elements of “Presence”: Gravitas (how you act), communication (how you speak) and appearance (how you look).

All About Confidence

Gravitas is the most important to master.

Show confidence in your abilities and knowledge by stating your opinions boldly, speaking firmly, using appropriate body language and making deliberate eye contact.

Good communication skills such as speaking firmly in low pitch, and maintaining a smart well-groomed appearance are all elements of assertive behaviour needed for success.

Whether you are meeting your team, presenting a proposal or dealing with conflict, the link between merit and success can be bridged when you are able to develop and project these qualities.

Ultimately, be proud of yourself and practice, practice, practice. Good luck!

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