Don’t Ovary-Act! Top Foods That Can Combat PMS

That time of the month can be unbearable without a little help. For some women more than others.

To take the pressure off, it could come in a form of a heat pack or it could even be a healthy grub! What you put in your body during this monthly process is more important than you probably think it is. Tame the crazy mood swings and pump up your mood by setting your cravings aside for once.

To Elevate Your Mood

Dark Chocolate. A treat that is actually good for you!



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To Stabilize Blood Sugar

Almonds and Almond Butter for high-calcium foods that are a must for women experiencing PMS, according to Joy Bauer.


To Boost Your Iron Level

Spinach. Make a salad out of it for an ample supply of nutrients and a top source of iron, says David Benjamin, a health & green living advocate.



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Get Rid Off Cramps

Raspberry contains fragirine, which tones the muscles of the pelvic region.