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Edible Nail Polishes To Complete Every Nail Biter’s Dream

Perfect for kids, people who bite their nails and just… weirdos in general.

We’ve all probably come across the yucky nail polishes that help nail biters eliminate their disgusting habit. But how about making the experience worthwhile with edible nail varnishes to add a little flavour in your life… Check them out below!

Kid Licks

Not only are they pretty, but organic too!


Party Pack – 3 Organic Nail Polish Colors (Beet Red, Sour Carrot, Acacia Pink), $32.99 (Approx. RM148)


Kentucky Fried Chicken

These are sadly not available for purchase online, but it was a campaign advertised in Hong Kong.


Source: Bustle

Watch the video campaign below. Finger lickin’ good indeed.


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