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Express Your Love For Fried Chicken With These Merch By KFC

Who would’ve thought that a fast food chain would eventually venture into the fashion industry? Good news to all you KFC lovers out there: you can now express your undying, irrevocable love for the bane of your existence that is fried chicken.

With these KFC merch, you can deck yourselves out head to toe in items that practically make you look like the ambassador of fried chicken.

You gotta admit, these items can be pretty good for your #ootd posts on the ‘Gram. The signature bowtie could definitely make for a good accessory if you’re after a preppy look! And can we also appreciate the fact that the sweatshirt is in the shade of perfect-golden-brown-fried-chicken?

Or you could buy yourself a pillowcase with the Colonel’s face on it simply because you love him so much for the amazing KFC recipe… (no judgment here, promise).

Or buy a piece of meteorite worth $20,000 in the shape of a Zinger burger because why not?

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Okay, all ridiculous items aside, check out the actual wearable items below! TBH, I’d totally buy some of these for my OOTDs.

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Classic String Tie, $12 (USD), KFC Ltd.

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