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February: This Is The Month To…

Welcome, February.

As the months roll on faster than ever, how would you say your first month of 2017 has been? Every day is an opportunity for a fresh start, so if January hasn’t kicked off so well, don’t you worry; that was just a trial month.

For those without a significant other to spend the romantic month of February with, use this as an opportunity to open up your heart and take a couple of chances. And for those who do have a special someone, make a few changes and turn things up a notch.

This 2017, #TeamCLEO is bringing you ‘This Is The Month To…’ – an inspirational digital series to kick you into doing new things, exploring the unknown and creating new memories for yourself.

Say ‘hello’ to a handsome stranger

Don’t be shy, there’s no time for not taking any chances. See a handsome dude in the cereal aisle? Walk past and say hello. Be open to what life has to offer to you.

Indulge in an afternoon of french cinema

Dive into watching something new. And what better way than to indulge in some of the french cinema classics like Plein Soleil or The Umbrellas of Cherbourg?

Sign a stack of DIY Valentines

Who says Valentines day has to be JUST romantic? This is your chance to send some love to all of those who hold close to your heart, near and far.


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