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Find Out How To Have The Perfect Recharge Now!

Are your batteries running out faster than your iPhone? Find out how the perfect recharge has nothing to do with extra sleep.

You just got back from an awesome holiday, a work promotion is on the cards (woot!), your 5km-a-day run means you’re looking (and feeling) fit, and things are actually going well with that guy you’re seeing. But when anybody asks ‘How are you?’ your automatic response is to regale them with how hard it is to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, despite getting hours of ZZZs.

So why, oh why, are you so freakin’ tired all the time? In an explanation fit for the digital age, Dr Libby Weaver, author of ’Exhausted To Energised’, says that we should be as concerned about our depleted energy levels as we are with our phone batteries. “All these tasks zooming around in your head never close because you never complete them.

We flatten our battery so fast when we have all those open tabs of tasks that we haven’t
completed.” So how do we plug in and power up? By closing those tabs, that’s how.

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Gratitude might be the self-help buzzword now, but it turns out that millions of #blessed and #grateful hashtags are for a reason. Yep, it ’s time for us to appreciate what ’s good about the present.

Dr Weaver suggests committing to a morning ritual, whether that ’s five minutes or an hour, where you focus on setting up your day and thinking about something lovely. “It can sound cheesy, but it ’s impossible to be stressed about something when you’re grateful for it. That ’s powerful for your body and it ’s a great way to start the day,” says Dr Weaver.

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