You Can Get Books and Ivy League University Courses For FREE During This Period

Staying inside 24/7 can be a bit unnerving for some of us (we’re looking at you extroverts) but for introverts and us lucky ones who are able to work from home, have a safe roof over our heads, have a supply of food and are still safe and healthy, we are considered so blessed.

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In this time of uncertainty though we do find that there are activities that would be beneficial during this time you take while you’re at home and not spending your time out in the world, commuting, and generally going about your day-to-day. These include catching up on reads, and maybe learning a new skill or updating your knowledge.

In this state of emergency, resource providers have taken it upon themselves to provide these services for FREE. Take a read and see what you can enjoy for the rest of March for free (you definitely don’t want to miss out).

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1 – Free Ebooks

While you may not be able to get your hands on physical books (well, half the romance is in going to bookstores and browsing them…) in this brief period, there are a lot of resources that are being provided for FREE, knowing that people are stranded at home, and students are left in the lurch.

Our library is providing free e-books via their portal. 


All you need to do is access it here. 

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