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Where To Get Your Floatie Friend For Your Weekends

It’s the weekend, the weather is perfect (or at least you get a few good hours before the monsoon hits), the BBQ is going, drinks are flowing and everyone is having a good time.

But there’s one thing missing… Your inflatable pool mate. I’m talking about those cute floats that I’ve started seeing on all of my friends IG posts. I need one. In fact, I need every possible one out there because they’re all so adorable.

Like these:


A photo posted by Rebekah Yeoh Pei Wenn (@rebekahyeoh) on

Yes, please.

Ultimate floatie party!

Why your shit run away ? #floatrental #emoji #floaties #holiday

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Yeah, why is your poo running away?


Fallen in love yet? I thought so. We’ve already prepared a list of where to get these bad boys.

Pink N Proper

Not only do they sell floaties but they have an array of swimwear collections that’ll get you prepped for those pool days! The best thing about them? They’re right on home turf!


Image: PinkNProper


Looking for that particular floatie? #FLOATY got you covered with only the highest quality pool toys.


Image: #FLOATY 

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is your go to for all kinds. We are loving their floaty selection, though!


Image: Urban Outfitters.


Famous amongst celebrities, Funboy is born and bred in LA but the floaties are produced in limited amounts.


Image: FUNBOY.


One that would win the popularity contest due to it being a Malaysian store, Letsplash guarantees incredible options for your floatie needs!

Image: Letsplash

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