Get Inspired By 8 Of KL’s Coolest Creatives

Breathing new life and composition into the creative landscape, these movers and shakers prove that there’s more to the arts than what we think. 

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Deanna Azli & Deanni Azli
Both 23, Vintage Store Owners

Their biggest challenge? Each other.

These sisters curate vintage clothing store Deannadeanni together, and are bringing back edge in town with a touch of nostalgia that’s oh-so-current. What started as a platform to sell their pre-loved items, items curated for their store are a great mix of patterns and colours and are a slight reflection of their own style. It’s like their brand identity.

What made you want to start a vintage store?

We started because we just wanted to get rid of our old stuff then one thing led to the other and we realised how we enjoyed not only buying and selling but curating these vintage clothes.

Deanna’s fave picks

How do you curate items for deannadeanni?

We curate based on colours, patterns and materials. We try to create harmony with a little twist.

Is there a way you spot trends?

We use Instagram and the net to kind of gauge roughly but our best method is to go out talk and chat with people.

Deanni’s fave picks

Why do you think thrifting has become such a big thing now?

It’s because the awareness that’s apparent right now. From the waste that the fashion industry produces and the increasing living costs that leave little room for leisure shopping, other than that thrifting gives you a rush like no other.

Do you think the thrifting trend will ever end?

We don’t see thrifting ending especially any time soon because every time you go, it’s something new, unique and most of the times only you will have it. The rush will just keep on pulling people in and it just makes sense.

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