How To Get Sexy in The Shower

Getting Started
Set the mood for intimacy by bathing your bathroom in candlelight. Pro: If you tend to be self conscious, the flatteringly soft light from the candles will help boost your confidence while ensuring you won’t be left groping in the dark. Con: Candles can be a fire hazard, so place them away from all flammable objects and remember to blow out the flame once you are done.

Set the Right Temperature
….and we mean this both literally and figuratively. When filling your bathtub with water, ensure it isn’t too hot (or cold), as both are mood dampeners. Sit behind him and get him to relax. Ensure you are comfortable and able to easily massage his temples and forehead by applying small, circular movements with your fingers.

Note: If you don’t have a bathtub, a shower will do too. In this case, have a stool handy so he can be seated to comfortably enjoy his shampoo and scalp massage.

Apply shampoo, drizzle water over his hair, and lather up with your fingertips in circular motions until the head is frothy. Make sure that soap doesn’t get into his eyes. You wouldn’t want his screams to be those of agony!

Don’t Forget His Scalp
The scalp is a surprisingly erogenous zone, so massaging and shampooing it not only leaves hair clean, but will also send tingles down the spine. Equip yourself with a shot glass of shampoo, a shot glass of conditioner and towels.

Keep the mood playful and fun. Find out where his erogenous zones are, as well as how he likes being touched. Then, he can do the same for you.

Rub his earlobes gently. As we’ve previously written, ears can be just as erogenous! Then tilt his head back before rinsing off the suds.

Apply conditioner and gently massage it in. Finish off with a rinse, and move your hands down his neck and shoulders.