Here Are Some Amazing Things To Know About The New Lexus UX 200 Series

Celebrating women shouldn’t be restricted to International Women’s Day! It should be consistent as one day’s not enough to acknowledge the extraordinary roles they’ve played in the family and society. They’re the gateway to the human experience, the teacher, the income generator, the master behind great ideas and inventions. So as a token of appreciation, how about showering them with extra love and start taking more care of their needs?

From what we know, the busy modern woman is always on the go and their lifestyle flexes according to different times of the day. Hence, a car sounds like a good idea! They might need something that is compact enough to zip through city streets and fit through the tiniest parking spaces, yet stay luxurious enough for social appearances and pulling up to those important meets, and be sturdy enough to go cruising through the woods on weekends.

While buying three different cars to fulfil those requirements is not ideal, a one-size-fits-all may just be what a woman needs! We’ve found the Lexus UX 200 series to have all those boxes ticked. We’re lucky that Lexus Malaysia will be importing three variants from Japan onto our shores, namely the UX 200 Urban, UX 200 Luxury and UX 200 F Sport. Read on to know how each of these rides is as powerful as you are.

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more than a looker

The Lexus UX 200 series just hit our shores! Check out the range that’s designed by Lexus’ first-ever female engineer, Chika Kako. – Image credit: Lexus

If there’s something you need to know about the car, it’s a tribute to the genius behind the design: Chika Kako, Lexus’ FIRST ever female engineer AND Executive Vice President of Lexus International. Her vision for this car was not to conform to the established SUV look but create a more compact design by crossing over a sedan.

Not too big nor too small, just the right size without losing that oomph. You’ll see it in the sculpted surfaces, dramatically flared front and rear wings, as well as the aerodynamic silhouette with large rims that create an agile stance.

The aero stabilising blade lights aren’t just eye-catching, they are also functional in improving the vehicle’s handling!  –  Image credit: Lexus

As for attitude, you’ll get more of it from its lights. All thanks to the L-shaped arrowhead lamps at the front and the blade lights at the back. But they’re no ordinary lights, the rear lights are aero stabilising (world’s first!). Meaning they’re not only eye-catching but functional in improving the vehicle’s handling.

Every colour conveys a specific mood, so spend a little time to think about what hue best fits your liking. A red to go with that fiery passion burning inside you or a graphite black glass flake to accentuate the automobile’s bold lines? Regardless of what it is, you’re not short of choices. There will be nine options for the UX 200 Urban and UX 200 Luxury variants, and eight (with two exclusive colours) for the UX 200 F Sport.

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