Planning A Wedding? Here Are Gorgeous AirBnBs That Make Perfect The Venue

If someone tells you that they have only started thinking about their wedding after getting engaged, don’t listen! They’re all lying! Every girl secretly fantasizes about it, while some even have wedding funds all stashed inside their piggy banks.

Whether they admit it or not, one thing is for sure – we all want a wedding that spells out “ME!” (and our partner *ahem* of course) We know where to look for the perfect dress and the right decorations, it’s just the location that has always been a headache.

Typically, traditionalists would host their weddings at hotels or restaurants. However, trends have changed. Lovebirds these days are opting for more destination weddings and with a twist – at Air BnB homes.

We know what you’re thinking. Celebrating your once in a lifetime moment in other people’s home sounds quirky. You might also worry about the view but trust us. Air BnB has plenty of unique ceremony settings to choose from.

Tip: Keep tabs on these wedding venues before the boyfie even kneels. That way when the time really comes, the wedding stress won’t flood to your brain and turn you into Bridezilla.

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For the Adventurers

Nature lovers will be thrilled to hear that they can now marry with majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls or bubbling hot springs as their backdrop.

Mountain View Lodge, Australia:  Tie the knot in this modern home with Buderim Mountain as your witness. Your guests will be blown away by the stunning views of not just the scenery but also the home which boasts a blend of contemporary decor and natural textures.

The Guest House at Eagle View Park, Australia: Want some animal friends at your party? Then, the Guest House at Eagle View is the ultimate choice. When exchanging vows, peek through the floor-to-ceiling windows for a glimpse of cattle roaming about the working farm.

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