You Gotta Clean Your Phone Dude, It’s Probably Dirtier Than You Think It Is

Let’s be real here. I take my phone with me, e v e r y w h e r e.

I’m sure you do too. Be it to the bathroom, public transport, after you eat, a bar or the club. Your mobile phone’s always exposed to germs and other nasty things out there in the world. Tech freaks can easily overlook the dirty habit because we don’t usually think it could effect our daily lives. Then again, when are we not on our gadgets? Hygiene, people! The line doesn’t cut beyond your body. Just as how you would clean your eating utensils after using them, that’s how you should treat your tech essentials.

Gross Fact: Your phone is likely to have more germs than on a toilet seat or a pet’s eating bowl. Eeeek! –The Health Site

So how do I clean my phone effectively?

Option 1:

Just as how you would clean a computer or TV screen, no harsh chemicals should be in direct contact to your gadget. Don’t even think about splashing water on your phone either, if that’s what you’re thinking. You can purchase a tried and tested product like the one below to ease the process: 3-In-1 PC Laptop LCD Monitor Cleaner Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit, RM30.60, Available at Lazada.


Option 2:

This may not be the most economical way to clean your phone but hey, this is the internet and there are a sea of opportunities. A Phone Soap is one of them. This device apparently sanitizes your phone with UV light while it charges your phone at the same time: PhoneSoap 2.0, $59.95 (Approx. RM268), Available on their website.


Option 3:

The most savvy and natural way to wipe out all the icky stains from your screens would be to DIY a cleaner. All you need in hand is rubbing alcohol and distilled water! Watch how to do it below.