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Help — I Have A Higher Sex Drive Than My Boyfriend!

I have a higher sex drive than my boyfriend. We started out okay but now he’s always trying to get out of doing it. What‘s going on?

Answer: While the general assumption has always been that a man would bang anything in a skirt or that a lady isn‘t as aggressive when it comes to sex, we all know that isn‘t true, now.

All things considered, the female and male sex drives are moving targets. They dip and peak, and it’s not always you’re on the same page. Sometimes, somebody wants it more.

But before you freak out and start trolling Tinder again (calm down, girl!), here are some things to consider:

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There’s no denying that we love getting hot and steamy under the sheets. Yes, even millennials. But according to recent research in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, millennials are actually less sexually active than Gen X and Baby Boomers. We can blame the rise of social media and prominence of online dating apps, which places a lot more importance on physical appearance… And is a major culprit for the cooling-off of ardour. “People aren‘t spending enough time alone together.

There‘s another gorilla in the room; It‘s whatever is turned on electronically,” says Norman Spack, associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. What does that tell us? Fingers off Facebook, and put that phone away.

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