Here Are The 8 Things To Do When Your Flight Gets Cancelled

Original Reporting: | Melissa Lee

Let’s face it, amid all the Coronavirus fears, air travel is taking a hit when it comes to sales and even just getting people to travel. And even when it’s not affected by a worldwide pandemic, things sometimes do happen and flights get cancelled.

You might have spent hours planning the perfect trip but sometimes, things don’t go to plan and you might encounter an unexpected delay or even a cancellation of your flight. When this happens, what should you do?

Although this might serve as a small obstacle in your journey towards a well-deserved holiday, here are some steps you can follow to avoid this culminating in a total travel disaster. Swipe through the gallery to find out what you should do when your flight is cancelled.


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check your credit card

Some credit cards offer trip delay protection, so you should pay attention to the travel benefits that your credit card issuer offers. Some credit cards also offer trip interruption coverage, which means, your trip is interrupted after you’ve started your journey. This could include cancellation of a connecting flight. Different credit cards offer different types of trip interruption or delay coverage, which range from a full refund to a sum of compensation from the airline. Of course, this only holds if you used the same card to book your flight tickets.

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