Here’s How To Avoid Staining Your Teeth

Ever since I’ve been lured to the dark side that is black coffee, my main concern has been about keeping my teeth (relatively) white. I’ve gone through the grueling process of teeth whitening at the dentist’s before–it’s not very pleasurable, trust me. While the result was satisfactory, it came at a price. I had my mouth pried open for an hour straight and by the end of it I could barely feel anything.

On top of that, I had to deal with increased sensitivity because the whitening process thins the enamel. Would I do it again? At the time, I told myself I would avoid staining my teeth at all costs because it’s simply not a fun thing to do again. Alas, 4 years later and a month of drinking coffee, I think I need to reconsider that decision.

Need white teeth like Queen Bey’s

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking up ways to minimize teeth-staining and I’m here to share them with you! After all, who wouldn’t want their pearly whites to be, well, pearly and white?

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1. The Culprits

Before we get on with how to minimize teeth stains, we should know what causes them in the first place.

Could be a good way to avoid stains

Here’s what you should try to avoid (keyword: try, because I don’t think I can do without coffee):

1. Coffee and tea
2. Soda (Cola etc.)
3. Red and white wine
4. Soy sauce (help, I can’t do without this either)
5. Blueberries
6. Tomato sauce

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