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Here’s Your First Look At Apple’s Inclusive Emojis And They’re Pretty Amazing

As we write this, it’s World Emoji Day *Dancing Girl Emoji* and it makes us wonder — how did we become so reliant on tiny comical expressions to make our feelings known? Food for thought… 

What do you say?

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Anyway, something super special was cooked up by the people at Apple who are releasing new emojis in conjunction with this special day, and here’s your first look at them. First off, we think some of the additions are super cute as they celebrate diversity and inclusivity. 

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But click through to see what you like and what you’ll use most… And which ones are a bit of a reach. (Like, the banjo? Umm..)

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Not Disabled, Differently-Abled

Mega power to including our friends who are OKU! Differently-bodied and differently abled! *Prosthetic strong-arm* Just about the blind man though, would the emoji translate into braille or spoken word? Hmm…

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