CLEOTries: We Honestly Review The Acer Swift 7

Things have moved so quickly in the past few years and technology upgrades in the blink of an eye. As someone who’s kind of struggling with a laptop from 2014, I was definitely on the lookout for something new — an update.

I admit, I’m one of those people who loves something that looks great, but would never compromise quality or substance over aesthetics. That’s why making a decision for new tech, bags, shoes, clothes, sunglasses… Can take a while.

Luckily there’s something that can do BOTH.

A definite plus point — how gorgeous does the Acer Swift 7 look?!

When I received the Acer Swift 7 to review I was definitely taken by its looks and how light it was. It’s thinner than a magazine and definitely lighter than anything I’ve ever felt before. And in this very mobile era that we’re in where we’re always pulled from one end of town to the other for meetings, events and sneaky brunches.

It’s only 9.95mm thin, and it boasts a frameless 14” display, which is ALSO a very durable touchscreen (!!!) which meant it combined the working of a laptop as well as a tablet. The technical spec speak says: “Extend your screen-to-body ratio to 92% with a L/R bezel width of just 2.57mm1 and immerse yourself in the stunning 14” FHD IPS display. Interact smoothly with the tough and tactile Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 touchscreen.”

But for tech, of course there’s way more to it than just looks itself. It needs to be able to perform and deliver. Here are the specs in a round-up:

Sitting pretty — a pretty powerful computer packed into a very slim package, but you need to compromise on certain types of performances that only heavier models can handle

Now for the honest review. Just very quickly, the things that I loved while using it, and the things that I didn’t feel seemed quite right. But of course everything’s on balance and it really depends on what you want out of a laptop.

What I loved:

  • Definitely, loved how it looked. It’s so elegant and the pearl white finish was something so #aesthetic for the gram
  • The weight at just 890g (aka lack thereof) and thinness meant I could tote it around in anything (it has a very elegant laptop sleeve too) without figuring out which bag to lug around (yes this is an important decision)
  • Being able to use the touchscreen elevated the experience because navigation was unhindered
  • I really liked the fast and responsive fingerprint unlock detection
  • It lasted really long on battery which meant you could work untethered for longer periods of time. You can adjust the power settings too to suit your usage
  • The huge display was great for entertainment and viewing
  • Performance was great as it was fast and responsive and can keep itself cool and not overheat even by being so thin, but I did very easy day-to-day work with Chrome and word processing and nothing super heavy involving graphic editing, design, or video editing software

What didn’t seem to work:

  • Because the display is frameless, the camera is in a weird pop-up spot on the top left of the keyboard. Not that we use webcams that much anymore (do we??? I mean I don’t?? Everything is done on the phone, even Skype calls)
  • Not sure if it’s the placements of the keys/letters but typing/navigating the keyboard was difficult sometimes. Page down/page up was too close to the arrow keys and fingers kept pressing the wrong things
  • The mouse and touchscreen and keyboard sensitivities were difficult to balance, but maybe it was just me not being able to properly set it to my liking
  • Not sure if it was just me but the speaker volume didn’t go up enough. I know I’m #deaf but maximum volume didn’t seem loud enough
  • It’s pricey for the average consumer

A seamless, frameless display meant Netflix viewing was that much better

Overall, it was a great laptop to have and take with me everywhere. But I do need something that can handle meatier editing softwares and tasks, and the price is somewhat a barrier too. Having purchased a laptop 6 years ago for half that price, I would probably try to stick within that same budget.

You can check it out in stores, and choose from black or white.

There are even more variants from Acer such as the new Swift 5 which would be way more affordable and is still so sexy and slim!

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