These 18 Hotels Are Offering Delivery Services For Buka Puasa At Home During MCO

Ah, Ramadan! The Islamic holy month of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion. During this time, our Muslim friends have to practise fasting which is one of the five pillars of Islam. No food, no drinks and certainly no pleasures of the flesh starting from dawn. This all ends at sunset when they break fast (Iftar) to replenish their energy levels.

Before Covid-19, breaking fast at a best-loved restaurant or getting snacks from Ramadan bazaars used to be a thing. But now with the MCO still in effect, we’d have to go back to basics and cook ourselves. Whipping up a spread of nenek classics wouldn’t be hard on a normal day but now that we live under such unconvincing circumstances, it’s a bit difficult.

Fret not, for these festive food kits prepared by top notch hotel restaurants are here to save the day! A full course of Iftar meals complete with appetisers, mains and desserts — all cooked by professional chefs and delivered straight to your doorstep so you can break fast without breaking a sweat!

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Four Seasons Hotel KL

Why take up all that hassle to cook up a storm, when you can just ring Four Seasons Hotel’s bell? All you have to do is pick up your phone, place an order, advise delivery or collection time, pay and eat! Such task is no different from ordering hotel kitchen service, and the best thing is: you’ll be enjoying it in the comforts of your home! Their menu won’t shrink just because you’re ordering out. In fact, it sees an incredible variety from two of the hotel’s restaurants – Yun House and Curate. Traditional Malay dishes mixie-matchie with other cuisines? No problem!

Call / Whatsapp: 03-2382 8888 / 017-238 9670

Availability: 20 April onwards (9am – 6pm)

Delivery time: Dispatched within 60 mins after ordering

Delivery fee: RM5-RM10 for addresses within 10km of the hotel

Menu: Four Seasons Hotel KL Menu

FB: @FourSeasonsHotelKualaLumpur

IG: @fskualalumpur

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