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The Hours Leading Up To DJ Snake Live In Kuala Lumpur

Party goers truly rejoiced last night as DJ Snake, the grammy nominated producer whose collaborated with Lil Jon and Justin Bieber performed last night in Kuala Lumpur.

Naturally, we couldn’t wait because it’s always a big deal when a big time DJ or artist comes over to our shores. Livescape, you continue to amaze us.

#TeamCLEO went to the party and this is our recollection of the hours leading up to the event.

The evening chimed in and our friend decided to host pre-drinks at his house. New buddies and old buddies meeting and getting along over not so few drinks and drinking games (you’re never too old for drinking games!)

20:00 – Someone at predrinks has told us that we can’t enter the event unless we wear something white. They surely can’t turn us away if we’ve bought a ticket and don’t show up in white, right?!

21:15 – 3 different Ubers have been called to shuffle all of us to the event at KL Live. DJ SNAKE, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!

21:30 – We try to get in but we’ve been told we need to wear one item of clothing that is white. A little tiff between some of our friends and the organizers happened but in the end we succumbed to buying some merchandise that was being sold in the store below. Very tricky, Livescape!

22:00 – Enter the venue and it is paaaaccccked!


22:45 – Is that buckets of alcohol on the floor…?

23:00 – People are so… Sweaty….

23:10 – We just tripped on someones bucket of alcohol. Owwww.

23:15 – Okay, I guess it looks pretty cool that everyone is in white.

23:45 – The supporting performances before DJ Snake are hella good! But T-minus 15 minutes until the legend comes on.


00:15 – *Chanting* DJ SNAKE, DJ SNAKE!

00:30 – We’re getting tired.. The alcohol has worn off, we’re still fragile from the night before. WE JUST WANNA DANCE TO SOME DJ SNAKE.

00:45 – Seriously…? Where is he?

01:00 – This guy seems to know all about Malaysian timing.

01:15 – We’re out of here.

Apparently DJ Snake got on stage as soon as we left. We were waiting too long though and people have to go back home write an article?! We’ll just have to listen to his songs in the car. #WeLoveSleepMore


Kuala Lumpur Last Night ????

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