How #TeamCLEO Is Like Their Mothers

As much as we tell ourselves we’ll ‘never be like our parents’ when we grow up – it’s inevitable. As you grow older you catch yourself saying phrases like your mother, nagging like your mother or trying to replicate her famous sambal ayam dish. This Mother’s Day, #TeamCLEO shares with you how they are similar to their mothers. To all mummies out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

“I never used to look like my mum but I think we look similar now? I’m emotional and high strung like her too (sorry mum!). She does a totally Eastern European thing of blowing up then cooling off immediately which I tend to do too. But we’re much calmer now.”- Lina Esa, Editor

“No matter how much I hate to say this, but our attitudes are similar. How she like to do things herself and her ego that’s through the roof ? ” – Shyafika Arina, Web Writer

“The picture should say it all.” – Joceline Yan, Features Writer

” I am like my mother in many ways. As I grow older, I’m starting to see her in myself more often than I did before. In certain angles, I see her staring back at me when I’m in front of a mirror, I hear her in my voice when I speak and her long feminine fingers when I look down at my hands. But I think I’m most like my mother where it counts: on the inside. I’d like to think I’ve inherited her spirit, drive and tenacity. I only hope to be attain what she had while protesting on the streets in Manila in the height of the Revolution: utter fearlessness.” – Stephanie Boey, Fashion Writer

“My mum and I look quite alike, it’s just that she is cuter. She is the coolest mom who never stopped me from doing what I want and from being who I am.” – Mils Gan, Art Director

“I don’t think we even realise that we’re so alike which is why we clash at times. Not only do we look alike (when we see photos together we always think we’re the other in the thumbnails) but I think I got her strive, her ever so soft heart and hard exterior. She seems hard to love but really the most lovable person on the planet. Gotta break down some of those walls to get to us. – Elyza Khamil, Digital Content Producer

“Pretty confident that I’ll look a lot like my mum when I’m older. This is because our faces are identical when we were toddlers (looking at her pic thinking it was me) ? Other than that, I think we’re similar in terms of cleanliness. She loves things being tidy and clean. I guess we’re similar in that sense.” – Vanessa Lim, Graphic Designer