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How to Drink Alcohol Without Gaining Weight

Our tried and tested stay-slim-at-happy-hour tips!

Make dinner plans

One of the biggest dangers of happy hour is not having anywhere to go afterward because you end up adopting the mentality that you might as well have dinner at the bar, and binge ordering wings with hot sauce and nachos with all the toppings. Do. Not. Do. This. Having a dinner destination in mind makes it easier to not order bar munchies.

Even tho nachos is kinda everything. (via GIPHY)

Go hard

And by hard, we mean hard liquor. Liquor-based cocktails like the ones you usually avoid because of its strong taste are great for keeping your figure. The less tasty the drink, the less empty calories you will consume, and the better your meal choices will be post drinking.

Alternate with water

Alcohol is dehydrating, and if you’re gonna be at happy hour, chances are you aren’t drinking enough water anyway. So sip slowly, and alternate with a glass of water. If you’re afraid of looking like a lightweight, slip off to the bar to ask for a glass of water every time you excuse yourself to powder your nose.

Sip gingerly to maintain poise (via GIPHY)

Order the snacks pre-drinking

You might have noticed that you make better choices pre-alcohol, and the same holds true for snacking. Stay away from fried anything, and go for something grilled. If you’re going to order chip and dips, opt for their veggie dips instead of the cheesy ones.

“Hurry, we gotta line our stomachs before the booze hits.” (via GIPHY)

Stay away from high-carb appetizers

Popular appetizers such as nachos and wedges go down really easy after a drink or two. Opt for high-protein options like meat bites, and grilled calamari.

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