HP Donates Laptops To Underprivileged Students So They Can Learn Online During MCO

As schools and institutions remain closed under the orders of the government, classes are now taken online. It’s certainly great news, as students know their education won’t be held up even at unprecedented times. However, we’d be wearing rose-tinted glasses for failing to recognise there are also students who can’t afford to do so.

In a recent survey that involves students from 670,000 households, statistics have shown only 6% to have access to their own computers while 40% don’t even own any devices for e-learning. This is indeed worrisome for e-learning modes are mostly carried out through web-conferencing platforms like Zoom and Hangouts.

Image credit: HP Malaysia


To make sure no student is left behind, HP recently launched the #iMovewithHP campaign pledging to donate laptops to less fortunate students. Together with Teach For Malaysia (TFM), they will identify and nominate 50 families in Klang Valley to receive the HP14 laptops.

That’s not all, HP has also partnered with popular Malaysian personalities who will be part of this act of kindness. Jestinna Kuan, Zamaera, Nurin Afiqah and Sean Lee will be posting challenges to do on their IG accounts. All we have to do is replicate the challenge, then post on our IG with the hashtag #iMovewithHP.



For every 50 submissions they receive, HP will donate an extra HP laptop to TFM who will then distribute to the underprivileged in the B40 community.

In true Malaysian spirit, let’s all participate in this campaign so all children can attain quality education. Everything’s within a click! To know more about this campaign, visit HP Malaysia’s IG page at @hp_malaysia and get started with the #iMovewithHP challenges!