I Tried Aimee Song’s Tips From ‘Capture Your Style’ And These Are The Results

First and foremost, if you don’t know who Aimee Song AKA @songofstyle is (have you been living under a rock?) then let me give you a brief rundown:

4.1M followers and counting on Instagram


Her #OOTD game is on another level

She’s now the author of her own book called ‘Capture Your Style’

Her book is basically about how she’s used Instagram as a platform to showcase her life and her impeccable style. Lucky for us, she gives us the in’s on what it takes and how to take photos like her. Almost all of her photos are taken via an iPhone and she’s not shy to admit that she does a little editing!

So I gave it a go and here are the results.

Chapter 2: Editing Your Photos (And What Apps To Use):

In this chapter, Aimee describes how the word ‘editing’ seems to have a stigma attached it. “Sure, editing tools can be used for evil… but when applied in the right way, they can turn good photos into double tap-worthy ones.” 

I followed these tips as soon as I read them because who doesn’t want photos like Aimee Song, right? She uses the following apps: Snapseed, Facetune, VSCO Cam and Instagram.

I got my colleague to help snap a few photos of my #OOTN:




I followed Aimee’s tips by using Snapseed to enhance brightness, contrast and shadow levels. I also used a feature called ‘Transform’ which allows you to adjust the perspective along the vertical six or horizontal axis to straighten the image. I also cropped out the dustbin on the right!

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Using Facetune, I used a tool called ‘Smooth’ which allows you to smooth out major no no’s like a camel toe or a zit. In this case, I used it to smooth out wrinkles on my Thaviax off-shoulder top. I also used the ‘Details’ tool that brought out my lipstick colour and the colours on my trousers. I exported it and transferred it over to VSCO where I slapped on a light filter in ‘Legacy’ and VOILA.

Do I look like Aimee Song yet, guys? 

Ok, let’s give it a second try:




Using Snapseed, I tried to adjust the brightness and the contrast. Using Facetune, I smoothed out the background of the grass and the fence (note the difference). With the ‘Details’ tool I brought out the colours of my make up and trousers since it was grained out by the flash.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Using VSCO, I used a light filter in ‘Legacy’ again which gave me this result.

Still no Aimee Song.

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Chapter 2: Finding The Right Composition – #OOTD Recap

Here, I tried to channel my Aimee Song on two things: background and angles.

I’m sure we all have that one ‘spot’ for an #OOTD photo. I was out for my lunch break and came across a brick wall that I thought synced with my monochrome outfit for the day.

Rule 2 of #OOTD Recap: Make sure your background and your outfit are in sync. Wearing a busy, colourful, patterned dress? Keep the background simple. And vice versa. 

In this case, I figured a red brick wall was perfect for my simple monochrome styled outfit. I decided to do no editing to these shots. A ‘double tap-worthy’ photo ya think?


I don’t think so.

Rule 4 of #OOTD Recap: Angle is key. Full body shots taken while kneeling with the camera angled slightly upward are preferred for their magical ability to act like an instant diet/supermodel-leg machine, while taking a photo with the camera angled down will make you look squat. 

At the Pearly Wong SS17 Show, I thought the photo-wall would serve as the perfect background. Unfortunately, this was taken at a slightly awkward angle but following Aimee’s tips – I directed the photographer to take it from lower down and tilt the camera up a little bit. Note the difference between the two photos. The difference it makes to my legs, man! 




Original: This photo was taken at a straight angle making me look a bit stumpy. Oh and note: hello camel toe.


Using Facetune’s ‘Patch’ tool, I got rid of that horrible camel toe.


After a final edit using Facetune’s ‘Details’ tool and VSCO, I enhanced the colours that were blown out from the lighting and tried to repair it as much as I could. This is probably the closest to Aimee Song as I could ever get.

Compare this night shot to…


… Aimee Song’s night shot. *Cry* How does she do it?!

Tropical neon vibes at the @perrierjouet event in Miami. #perrierjouet

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I also tried to snap an Aimee Song like-shoe-shot. I figured (following Aimee’s background tip) a plain background was best for these loud shoes – the floor outside of my office it is!


Cankles alert. Is it possible for your feet to look fat?

But it just still doesn’t look the same as this…


I’ve never loved and hated someone so much at the same time.

Aimee Song makes it look so easy but there’s so much more that goes into being a master at Instagram and showcasing your style. It’s hard enough figuring out what your style is, it’s another to have it presented perfectly.  From curating your style to good lighting, to angles and backgrounds – a lot goes into a ‘double tap-worthy’ photo. A whole book on how to take photos like her and I still couldn’t get it right! I did gain a lot through this experience and I reckon with enough practice by following her tips, I’ll be thinking and taking photos like Aimee Song in no time. There’s no wonder she’s a style icon and killing it with her Insta-game!

#WWASD? #WhatWouldAimeeSongDo? I love you, girl.

Wearing my new pearl lace up heels from @schutzshoes. #314BeverlyDrive #schutzshoes #ad

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Working on my newest project ✌?️

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