Iconic Moments From The Grammys 2017 We Can’t Get Over Just Yet

Another year, another Grammy awards to talk about for the rest of 2017.

And if you missed it, it’s time to catch up! The 59th Grammy Awards has always stood high on the pedestal among others for being the most eccentric and unpredictable ceremony of them all.

1. Adele breaks Grammy Award in half to share with Beyoncé

Yeap, she did it. After a compelling speech which is a solid tear-jerker, Adele broke the Grammy Award she won for her album ’25’ being the Best Album Of The Year in half for Queen B. If Cady Heron can share her Prom Queen crown with everyone, so can Adele.

2. CeeLo …. Gold?

If this isn’t good enough to steal the red carpet and paint it gold, I don’t know what is. CeeLo breaks the internet with his… ever so odd appearance at the Grammys. Gnarly Davidson, you’re a complex human being.

Musical artist Gnarly Davidson (aka CeeLo Green) arrives for the 59th annual Grammy Awards held at Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 12, 2017. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI Photo via Newscom

3. Blue Ivy tributes to Prince

As she sat front row to watch Bey steal the show, Blue pays homage to a music legend just like her mother in a pink custom Gucci pantsuit fastened with diamond brooch similar to the one Prince was remembered for in Purple Rain.

He’s smirking down at you from heaven, kid.

4. Rihanna and her Diamond Flask

Out of all attendees, nobody looked like they had as much fun as Rihanna did at the Grammys. Eventhough ANTI didn’t make it home, she surely hope she did. Not only did she attempt to hide her flask from the cameras (keyword: attempt), but she was more entertained being on Facetime than she was for the show.

My spirit animal, in all ways possible.

5. Chance The Rapper as Best New Artist

A well deserved victory based on all of our Spotify playlists filled with his sick beats! If you didn’t know, Chance The Rapper is the first black hip-hop artist to win the award for Best New Artist at The Grammys since Lauryn Hill in 1999.

6. Pantless Duo Twenty-One Pilots

Obviously, it’s the best way to celebrate and accept an award. At the Grammys especially. Talk about staying true to yourself and not forgetting where you started: In this case, in their underwear.