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I’d Rather Be Alone Than Be Someone Else

What do you do when your friend is a relationship chameleon?

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West formed the perfect celebrity union that is Kimye, we noticed a big change in the girl, and it wasn’t just her newfound love of ’gramming their matching outfits.

3 down, a lifetime to go…❤️

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So now, your bestie has suddenly morphed into someone else after meeting her boy. What gives?

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Relationship expert Dr. Gabrielle Morrissey says it isn’t uncommon to warm to your partner’s interests but there is a fine line between being genuinely interested and fake. “A façade doesn’t enhance your self-esteem or self-growth, but sets you back,” she warns.

When Chelsia*, 28, started dating her now ex-boyfriend, she said: “I gave up my favourite hobbies and tried to impress him by changing, rather than just being me. I disappeared into him.”

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