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I’d Rather Be Alone Than Be Someone Else

What do you do when your friend is a relationship chameleon?

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West formed the perfect celebrity union that is Kimye, we noticed a big change in the girl, and it wasn’t just her newfound love of ’gramming their matching outfits.

3 down, a lifetime to go...❤️

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So now, your bestie has suddenly morphed into someone else after meeting her boy. What gives?

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She might think she’ll score brownie points by taking an extra interest in UFC because he’s into it, but he could find it smothering. “If she’s taking on a lot of your partner’s likes and interests, it has to be balanced with her own individuality and space.

Men might not want their partners involved in every aspect of their lives,” Dr Morrissey says. She also runs the risk of losing the things that make her unique. Remind your girl that having some common ground is nice, but differences bring diversity to the relationship. And hey, you just want to hang out with your best friend alone sometimes, please.

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