IG Famous Kitties We Can’t Live Without

I’m not exaggerating when I say “my life would be incomplete without some pussy”. 3 furkids at home, and clearly still not enough! I. NEED. MOREEEEE. If you’re reading this, high chances are, you can definitely relate. So, I’m gonna do you a solid – here’s a list of my favourite IG cats to geram over, when you basically have nothing to do with you life at that very exact moment.. LELz.


1. @nala_cat

My paws ? www.nalacat.com

A photo posted by nala_cat (@nala_cat) on

She’s a Siamese Tabby mix, that’s got the cutest paws to (imaginary) bite at!


2. hosico_cat

I have felt a smell of winter ❄️

A photo posted by Hosico Cat (@hosico_cat) on



3. albertbabycat

Ain’t he a smart lookin’ little fella? :3


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4. hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Found this baby Ham head pic and couldn't wait until Thursday to post…#throwbackmonday #mustachecat

A photo posted by – Hamilton The Hipster Cat – (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat) on

Hipster culture is D.E.D – dead, but you gotta give the boy props for that ‘stache!


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5. smoothiethecat

Smoothie, First of her Name, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

A photo posted by @smoothiethecat on

Total SIMBAAAA moment, am I right??


6. @utumaruru

A real pro with the piano.


7. @hanna__kitty


A photo posted by hanakitty??ハナキティー (@hana__kitty) on

A distant relative of Toothless, indeed!


Now, I know after looking through this, you’re pretty tempted to head out to get a Munchkin, or a Scottish Fold, but just remember, you can always give a homeless furry friend a home for freeee! #AdoptNotShop!

Happy Caturday, cat person!