This Awesome Gadget is Every Selfieholic’s Dream Come True

unreal selfie stick auto

A selfie stick made for a true selfie queen! This new UnReal Selfie Stick is a game changer with its automated extension, allowing you to get the selfie stick set up single-handedly. The useful gadget also comes with electronic fans that pop up from the handle to give your selfies that sexy, windswept effect. Leaving the best feature for last, it has LED beauty lights built-in to make sure you’re illuminated even in the darkest of environment.


unreal selfie stick auto 1


Now, you must be thinking “Where can I get one?!”. Unfortunately, this useful gadget was only developed as a promotional stunt for an American reality TV show. However, mass production opportunity is possible if demands are high. So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

unreal selfie stick auto 3