Who Are The Inspirational Women That #TeamCLEO Look Up To?

Happy International Women’s Day!

Who do you think of when we say ‘inspirational women’? In light of #GirlPower and all things women, we asked the #TeamCLEO and got an array of answers. Granted, what you won’t see is a WhatsApp group conversation with everyone saying ”my mum because ____”. We obviously had to spice things up a little.

“Leandra Medine cause she’s hella funny and her layering game STRONG ” – Stephanie Boey, Fashion Writer

“Emma Watson because she’s got brains, beauty AND balls.” – Shyafika Arina, Web Writer
“Shonda Rhimes and JK Rowling, for using words to create new worlds, and changing ours. And for their vicious, vicious clapbacks.” – Joceline Yan, Features Writer

“My mum – for all of the unconditional loves and sacrifices she has to make to everything possible in my life” – Voon Wei, Fashion Editor

“Amal Clooney because of her mad passion for human rights and how she’s willing to break boundaries and stereotypes. She’s career driven, she’s badass, she’s intelligent beyond measure and she does it all with so much grace!” – Pravena Baskaran, Editorial Assistant 

“My late grandma and all other grandmas out there — for always feeding us with love and FOOD.” – Natasha Iman, Beauty Writer

Thank you to all of the women out there who paved a future for the upcoming generations to come. Here’s to equality, forever.