Is Your Job Ruining Your Relationship?

We get it. You’re a millennial, in an economy that’s not so great. Working hard is definitely not a bad thing; hey, if anything, it’s admirable. However, when the scale starts to tip in favour of your work over the person you love (and who really loves you, by the way), the  foundations that are holding up your relationship may slowly erode.

Bae: “Hey, there’s this really cool thing happening this evening and I’d love you to come with me.”
You: “I would love to, but I have to work, sayang.”

Times this by x100. Of course, he’ll feel a little something, right?

“Work can definitely interfere with your relationship and, in severe cases, it can ruin it,” says clinical psychologist Jo Lamble ( “This is because for some workaholics, their whole self-worth is tied up in their jobs.”

Don’t let this be. Here are some pointers to ease you through a busy period or to help you recalibrate. Yes, there’ll be that happy place where your life, love and work meet harmoniously.

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Remember, It’s Normal

Loved-up couples can generally deal with short-term stressors – but it’s the chronic problems arising over a period of time that can cause damage. “People can usually support their partner if they’re having a busy time at work, but if their job is always a higher priority than the relationship, it’s harder to be patient and supportive,” says Jo. But it’s quite normal that everyone goes through something like this.

While many people strive to have it all, the thing is, something’s gotta give. “It’s too hard to give everything to both your job and relationship. It’s a balancing act,” says Lamble.

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