January 2017 Horoscopes: What The Stars Have In Store For You


AQUARIUS 20 Jan- 18 Feb

You’re a natural beauty, dear Aquarius and romance will fall effortlessly on your lap without you having to go out and find for it. You’ll spend good and quality time with your friends and family and you’ll feel blessed and loved more than ever.

It’s a new year and it’s a good time to channel your interests into a venture and mold your career however you want it to.

Your health is on point this month, thanks to good vibes from your recent endeavor into meditation and yoga.

 PISCES 19 Feb- 20 Mar

Being independent is something you should focus on this month. Go out to change the world to fit your needs and start making a name for yourself in your career. You are overflowing with confidence and it may attract a lot of people but it’s best not to expect any serious relationship out of it. Your health condition is excellent this month but you can and should always enhance it by allowing yourself to relax once in a while.

ARIES 21 Mar- 20 Apr

This month, Mars will keep everything in a fast moving pace and grant you with an extra boost of energy; sounds like a good time to focus on your career! To much contrast, your love sector will be a little stalled this month but utilize that time to relax and wait for February’s Venus solstice for a shift in your love life. Yoga is always a good idea so take up that yoga class and work on your posture.

TAURUS 20 Apr- 21 May

Stand out and open up your wings this month as it promises many good tidings to truly experience things that are unfamiliar yet may bring you an abundance of happiness. Your love life takes a backseat when it comes to family and other halves as it’s really all about self-love and attaining it. And to top that, it looks like there is room for some wanderlust but only if your organize and keep your finances in track.

GEMINI 21 May – 20 June

Your focus entirely lies in succeeding in your career and this month may have many opportunities in store if you could optimize your social networking skills. If you’re single, you’ll find yourself connecting more intellectually with your potential partners rather than your usual physical and flirtatious moves. Putting all that energy and focus on your career could leave your exhausted so remember to unwind and detox when you can.

CANCER 21 June – 20 July

Unlike other major factors in your life, you social and love life will take a rather exciting swing! You are more attractive than ever this month, so don’t be afraid to really put yourself out there as things will be working in your favor. With much excitement in store, keep an eye out for your health and make sure you’re giving your body the rest it deserves!


LEO 21 Jul- 21 Aug

Don’t expect a significant shift in your career this month. However, this would be a great time in developing your social and communicative skills. For those who looking for love, this may be a great time to get serious on Tinder. You may actually end up meeting some great personalities if not great matches. Concentrate in keeping your physical health as well as mental health in check this month; meditation may be something to consider about.

VIRGO 22 Aug- 22 Sept

You may suffer from major vacation withdrawals and not realize that it’s slowing you down in your workplace. Don’t be afraid to let others lead the way while your mind is stuck wandering as there are many exciting things to come. This month sees you taking a break from yourself and focusing on those around you which is great in making up for all the previous busy months you’ve had! Trust your instincts financially – certain collaboration may bring in success and you’ll be able to sustain a stable income for yourself with that.


LIBRA 23 Sept – 22 Oct

You will find yourself drawn to people who are health conscious; friendly or romantically. Take the time to attend motivational and holistic workshops and you may just meet someone really special there. Any health issues this month may stem from emotional imbalance and personal unhappiness so make sure to keep a positive outlook and give yourself some lovin’.


SCORPIO 23 Oct- 22 Nov

You’ll start off the year on a high note and it may just be the time to set the ball rolling for new projects and ventures. In a relationship, your partner is feeling most vulnerable than ever so be sure to be sensitive to what you say and watch your body language to avoid unnecessary conflicts and heartbreaks. Trust your gut when it comes to your finances and try investing in things that will gain you great knowledge.


SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov- 20 Dec

 Your career may take a backseat to your family and household this month, but don’t be worried and instead, try looking into starting up some projects or new ventures! Single and looking for love,  someone who’s been waiting to make a move all this while will finally gather his guts to do it this month! Despite your focus being all over the place at the moment, finances are looking good for your this month but saving for a rainy day may not hurt as well.

CAPRICORN 21 Dec- 19 Jan

Focus on getting yourself mentally and emotionally prepared for the months ahead because no success comes without hard work. You will look effortlessly attractive this month and you’ll equally enjoy the attention you’ll be getting – perhaps this makes room for flirtatious encounters. Avoid making any abrupt changes to your health this month as it may bring more harm than good. Your finances look pretty good and you may finally indulge in some good spa time with your BFF.