January: This Is The Month To…

So, it’s a new year meaning new beginnings and new experiences. This is so cliché, but there’s something so magical about the new year chiming in – a symbolic mile stone of saying bye to the previous 365 days and starting afresh.

This 2017, #TeamCLEO is bringing you ‘This Is The Month To…’ – an inspirational digital series to kick you into doing new things, exploring the unknown and creating new memories for yourself.

Without further ado, the month of January is here and this is the month to….

Try something new

An oldie but a goodie. It could be a hobby, a class, making breakfast before work for a change – literally ANYTHING. And see how things pan out for you.

Keep up the Christmas decorations

We’re basically giving you a free pass to have Christmas in your home for the next month. But in all seriousness, leave the decorations and the twinkly lights up for a change. You don’t always have to take them down straight away just because Christmas is over. As long as the decorations are up, the holidays could never be over!

Lose track of time in a local book shop

Immerse yourself in your local arts and culture. You never know what you’ll end up finding.


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