Japanese Michelin-Starred Ramen Is Available In A Cup

Flying to Japan soon under a tight budget? no problem, you can grab a cup of michelin-starred instant ramen at the nearest vending machine for ¥200 (Approx. RM7), according to RocketNews24.

Image: Nissin Food Japan

Image: HKTV Mall

In comparison to the original version at Nakiryu restaurant at ¥850 (Approx. RM33).

Last November, Nakiryu restaurant in Tokyo, Japan has earned a Michelin-star for their signature star on the menu, Dan Dan Ramen Noodles. Nissin Food has partnered up with the restaurant to create an instant version that resembles the perfect balance of spicy & sweet.

Unfortunately, it’s only available nationwide in Japan but if you’re willing to bare shipping costs – it’s available online while the craze is at its peak.