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Job-Hunting In Malaysia? Here Are 7 Tips To Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you ever find yourself creeping on someone’s Instagram or Facebook profile to find out what are they’re currently up to (#relatable)? That’s because we’re currently living in a time where we are heavily dependent on the Internet and social media platforms, to get the latest deets on what’s happening.

When it comes to the working world, that’s where LinkedIn comes into play. LinkedIn is a place where you get an insight of what’s happening in the corporate world, who’s working where, and the latest job notices.

Setting up a LinkedIn page is just as important as putting up a Facebook profile — but in a professional manner. Even if you’re studying, it is still important to get yourself a LinkedIn account, so job searching is easier once you’re done with your studies.

Us at work and at home, on the daily.

Although it is a necessity to have your own LinkedIn page, it is simply just not enough. You have to make sure that it’s always updated with what you’re currently up to, along with your accomplishments all while ensuring that it’s well-presented all the time.

But do you think that you have provided enough information needed for your current LinkedIn page? Yes, you have typed out all your past work experiences, achievements and education background — that’s great! However, are they sufficient enough to make you stand out to job recruiters or future employers?

Well, here are seven ways on how you can improve your LinkedIn profile and make your future shine brighter than, well, a diamond.

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linkedin profile Tip 1: think of an eye-catching headline

Made you stop and stare, right?

Just like meeting someone new, first impressions matter the most! Your headline would be the very first thing that people would see when they visit your profile — so snag that chance to stand out from the crowd!

You can do better than the usual “Content Manager at XYZ Corp.” headline. Take advantage of the 120 characters available for a compelling headline. Instead, you should give some extra information like “Content Manager at XYZ Corp. with expertise in financial blogging, content strategy, SEO and social media”.

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