Johan & Jonas Of Mew Chats With CLEO About ‘Visuals’ And Favourite Danish Bands!

Danish band Mew has made their second round-trip back to Kuala Lumpur as part of the killer line-up of shows for Urbanscapes 2017. Just in time for the release of their latest album, ‘Visuals’ that has a sweet nostalgic sound of Mew back in the 90s.

The change in dynamics within the band for the past years has influenced their music in a progressive way. Now that the bassist, Johan Wohlert has returned, that familiar authentic sound they have nailed down since their first album, ‘A Triumph For A Man’ in 1997 sets us on a positive note to the beginning of another chapter for the band.

Before they made their way back to KL Live last Wednesday, May 10th, we managed to catch Johan and Jonas Bjerre for a quick chat about how easy it was for band to put together their album ‘Visuals’ and the Danish bands they would try to catch live whenever they’re back in town. Watch the full interview below!

Listen to official Urbanscapes 2017 playlist curated by Spotify featuring acts from the festival’s line-up below to keep your spirit going for the next upcoming show: