Johnny Depp Changes Amber Heard Tattoo From SLIM to SCUM Amid Divorce

This is not the first time the actor got a tat of an ex altered!

Whether you are #teamjohnny or #teamamber in the nasty divorce between bad boy Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard, it looks like getting tattoos of your boyfriend / spouse / partner is STILL not the best idea, despite how forever your relationship might seem at the mo’.


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After 30-year old Amber’s allegations of domestic violence and abuse, 53-year old Johnny was recently said to alter his tattoo on the knuckles of his right hand from “SLIM” (his reported nickname for her) to “SCUM” (apparently what he thinks of her now). Photos taken in Pennsylvania last Friday, where Johnny is touring with his band, has now surfaced online to confirm this!


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Johnny being Johnny, that wasn’t the only ink he had to alter, of course. It seems that he also had a pin-up likeness of Amber on his arm, which he turned into a simple dark cover-up. Erm… maybe he ran out of ideas? The tat fan also has another on his right elbow that reads “Come with me… Slim”, but it isn’t known if it has also been changed.

This is not the first time Johnny had a tattoo makeover, though. Once upon a time, he dated Winona Ryder (anyone remembers that?) and sported a “Winona Forever” tat. After that relationship was confirmed long gone in 1993, he had it reworked to “Wino Forever”.

Amber was granted a temporary restraining order against Johnny five days after filing for divorce with a bruised cheekbone in late May. The court will hear the matter in mid-August, but in the meantime, perhaps Amber is relieved to not be a on any part of Johnny’s body.