Kitties You Need To Follow On Instagram Now!

If you’re fed up with all the narcissistic selfie shots and #ootds, it’s time to start following the right people on Instagram. And by people, we mean cats. And by cats, we mean these cute little fellas.

Guys..the cat has eyebrows. Like, he literally adopts an expression of slight confusion and bewilderment at all times.


We absolutely love it.


This little baby is named Wasabi-chan, and was rescued from the streets after surviving a nasty crow attack which left her with a hole in her throat and a fractured jaw.

Wasabi 1

Because she’d been through such horrific injuries, Wasabi was a little nervous when it came to being fed, so the owner’s grandmother knitted Wasabi some costumes to help her keep still (get ready for the cutest thing you will see all day).

Wasabi 2

Yes, the moustache is real.


And he moustache you a question.


nala cat
Nala is an adorable Siamese and Tabby mix, and we don’t know if it’s just us, but she seems to be slightly cross-eyed.


Also, she was adopted by her amazing owners! Remember that adoption is always better than buying. 🙂


Clean, simple and minimalist, Tomochunba is the hipster cat you’ve been looking for, optimizing everything that needs to be right in an Instagram shot to make it like-worthy.


Less busy backgrounds mean you can focus more on his face!


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