KLoé Is A New Boutique Hotel In KL That’s Every Creative’s Dream

Every corner of KLoé Hotel is filled with pieces that tell their own story. Image credit: KLoé Hotel/Funky Dali


In a world where luxury is constantly flaunted, it’s easy to think that the glitz and glamour is all it is. When in reality, luxury is usually found in the simplest things.

This is why KLoé Hotel aims to redefine luxury. Ng Ping Ho, Managing Director of Kindness of Strangers, the group that owns the hotel said, “At KLoé we hope to provide what we believe true luxury really is: a haven where you are shown kindness; where time moves slowly, so you can linger, reflect, connect, and be inspired to explore your creativity through art, design, music and food.”

It’s all in the ambience the hotel gives as soon as you step in. In their lobby, dubbed ‘The Living Room’, it’s set as though you’re at a friend’s place– relaxed and far from rigid. A cafe, Lucky Coffee, operates at The Living Room and offers sandwiches, cakes, nitro drinks and an array of their specialty coffee beverages.


The Living Room that just feels like your bougee friend’s place. Image credit: KLoe Hotel/Funky Dali


Ping also added that the idea behind the hotel was to centre and realign people. To be a reminder to take things slow. This can be seen in the hotel’s flow and its pallete. The cool, muted tones throughout the hotel can calm you down after the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We hate to admit but aesthetics play a big role in one’s staycay pick– but fret not, every corner of KLoé Hotel is picturesque. *intense heart eyes* Every piece of their interior was picked with much thought, and has its own story to tell. They worked with a variety of local artists that helped bring it to life.

Head up to Monroe and you’ll feel like you just travelled back a few decades. A California-styled bistro that’s inspired by how American diners used to look back in the 50s, Monroe will serve comfort food that you and your family will totally love.


BRB, calling for reservations already! Image credit: KLoe Hotel/Funky Dali


What’s a staycay without a dip in the pool amirite? But if you’re not in the mood for it, hanging by the poolside is such a ~vibe~ too! The pink deckchairs and daybeds are the perfect place for you to lounge of you want a dose of vitamin D without getting wet.

Right next to it is B.est Mind & Body, a wellness Centre which is a far cry from regular hotel gyms. They offer a holistic approach to fitness and mindfulness through a range of yoga, meditation, and fitness sessions. Realigning you mind on a break has never been easier!


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Catch us by the poolside on our staycay! Image credit: KLoe Hotel/Funky Dali


KLoé Hotel is a creative’s dream. The space is ticks every box in the aesthetic check list — it’s the colour, the ambience and its service that makes it so pleasing. Another touch that makes KLoé apart are their artists’ lofts– which were specifically curated to a theme alongside their 5 tastemakers. The Room To Taste, Room To Grow, Room To Listen, Room To Read and Room To Draw aren’t only pleasing to the eye but also offer a variety of activities you can do during your stay.

“KLoe is targeted at creative travellers. That means if you like art, music, design, architecture then it’s perfect for you,” Ping added, “We thought that okay, if you want to call yourself a creative hotel, you’ve got to inspire people. We had 5 suites and we decided to call them artist lofts then along the way we worked with the tastemakers and everything took shape from there.”

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Room To Grow 


Curated by Ronnie Khoo, founder of Ohsum Mossum, the Room To Grow is surrounded by luscious greens that’ll definitely make you all zen. And that rattan chair is to die for!

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