Know Your Herbs – What Else You Can Use Them For Besides Cooking

In the midst of prepping for your next feast at home, you may want to save some stems of herbs to grow in your own backyard. It should come as no surprise that most prescribed drugs you pick up at the drugstore today derives from plants. Of course, only a percentage of it. People are coming around to learn more on natural ways to treat themselves, which to be frank, dates back to our history where herbal medicine was the only medicine available.

Not only do these ‘alternative’ form of medication assures you of 100% organic, but in the long run, it’s cheaper. By this I am not saying you should be throwing all kinds of seeds to the ground and hope for all of the outcome to cure you inside out. Plants treat all sort of health concerns and it’s important to know which is which. I’ve curated a glossary below of common herbs we use in our cooking that can be utilised beyond the spice cabinet.



(image: Food Network)

Cooking: Thai Curry, Basil & Tomato Sauce, Pesto.

Medicinal: Relieves Flu, Strengthen Kidneys, Prevent Insect Bites, Heal Mouth Infections.

Others: Natural Deodorant.

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(image: Live Strong)

Cooking: Beef, Vegetables, Salmon.

Medicinal: Relieves Menstrual Pain, Boosts Metabolism, Lowers Blood Pressure.

Others: Arthritis Ointment.


Cooking: Salad, Chimichurri, Soup.

Medicinal: Treats Yeast Infection, Sinus, Heals Athletes Foot.

Others: Wart Removal Oil.

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(image: The Kitchn)

Cooking: Roast Potatoes, Bread, Mushrooms.

Medicinal: Anti-Inflammatory, Liver Detoxification, Cancer Prevention.

Others: Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner, Facial Toner.


Cooking: Roast Chicken, Soup, Vegetables.

Medicinal: Skin Irritation, Hair Loss, Muscle Pain, Nail Fungus.

Others: Natural Aroma Scent.