At Last Women In Saudi Arabia Are Allowed To Drive

As the only remaining country in the world to still enforce a ban on women from driving, it goes without saying why the historical moment is a stepping stone for bigger change.

The social reform highlights the restrictions Saudi women have no choice but to face every single day; having to seek permission to go wherever they need to and not be able to a simple decision for themselves without having it be approved by a male guardian.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saudhad announced the ban lift last Tuesday, putting an end to the conservative tradition and give women their independence. The ruling will only be effected in June 2018.

Despite being given the right to drive, there still many things Saudi women are not allowed to do but with the recent shift in the laws, hope for a brighter future for women continues.

Here are some our favourite appreciation posts in celebration of the social reform:

love to see progression. women will now be able to drive in Saudi Arabia ???❣️? artist: @tagreedbagshi

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