It’s Leo Season: Your August Horoscope Is Here!

It’s Leo season, folks!

Prepare yourself for a month with drastic changes – not necessarily a bad thing. How you deal with bumps along the way determines the lesson to be learnt, stay positive and focus on your goals.


Happy birth-month to ya! You’ll start to notice this month’s benefits right out the gate, especially when it relates to things concerning career and finance. You stand the chance of getting a raise around this time, and your work life will be energised.

This isn’t a good month for meeting new people or starting a new love, mostly because you’ll be preoccupied with other areas of your life. That’s alright because your job will take up the better part of your energy, and though you’ll have free time to spare, you won’t be as inclined to spend it looking for romance.

It’ll be much easier for you to make money during this time, and you’ll have a better time holding onto it, too.

Your mental energy is higher this month, and you’ll have a harder time decompressing after work. Relaxation won’t be much of a pursuit to you, because your mind will be thinking of any number of ways to improve your standing and output in your occupation. This could lead to a burnout. We recommend you do whatever relaxation techniques you typically employ in cases like this. A glass of wine and some classical music may be all that is needed to help you switch modes after a busy day at work.

Match Made In Heaven – LIBRA
Leo sometimes needs to be tempered a bit to remain stable, and nobody can do it better than Libra. Leo will fall hard for Libra, and for good reason. Libra knows exactly how to pull Leo’s heartstrings, and will do so with ease.

Leo has a deep need to feel loved and cared for, and Sagittarius is the perfect match for such a desire – with their undying loyalty to the ones they love, and their unswerving honesty.

Cozy Couple – ARIES
Both love an active lifestyle, ensuring that the couple has fun even outside the bedroom. Aries is a devoted sign, one that loves hard and deep, and this is perfect for Leo, a sign that is happiest when he is being doted on and adored beyond measure.

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This is just the beginning of a semi-lengthy spell of positive growth in your work life. And since it’s been some time since you have had such a healthy period of growth in this area, that it’s no doubt welcomed. August is perhaps your best month in the entire year for finding someone special. So go out there and strut your stuff, and you’ll be sure to find someone that has more than just a physical attraction to you.

You’ll start to see your income accrue and your overall financial well-being grow faster and more plentiful than at any other time in 2017. Enjoy this month – free of stress, pain, and worry – and use it to remember how fortunate you are to be here on this planet. Life really can be good sometimes.

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