Long Live Polaroid With The Introduction Of OneStep 2 i-Type Camera

Who ever said analog is dead never got the memo.

Image: Polaroid Originals

The Polaroid Corporation has had a shaky history to say the least, the brand was originally founded by Edwin Land back in 1937. The whole idea of instant photography peaked in the 90s and it filed for bankruptcy in 2001 seizing production of the cameras in 2008.

Formerly known as The Impossible Project has bought over Polaroid’s last factory in The Netherlands and rebranded to Polaroid Originals. In celebration of the launch on their 80th anniversary, they have also rolled out a new generation of film and a brand new analog instant camera for the modern era, OneStep 2 i-Type.

Image: Polaroid Originals

Comes in either white or graphite and is now available for pre-order with an estimated release date on October 16, 2017.

Shipping to Malaysia is only available from Polaroid Originals EU Store.