These 5 Major Rewrites Are Necessary For The Little Mermaid Remake

As an ‘80s kid who grew up in the ‘90s, you know that I lived an era that was significantly different to the woke times we live right now, fueled and powered by the magic things we call 4G and Instagram.

I wasn’t blessed enough to have grown up in a time where information was at our fingertips and knowledge was democratised. Entertainment was top-down –  you could only get what “they” produce for “us”.

Do as the system that favours the men of a majority group compels us

So as such, we grew up in a non-woke bubble where white men made the rules, racial representation just wasn't a thing, cultural appropriation was cute, and the Middle East were still the enemies. All that aside, the MTV-saturated ‘90s wasn’t without its best bits – the Disney movies that came out hard and fast for pre-pubescent girls like me who were just waiting to eat it all up.

The Little Mermaid played a huge role in my life. It did for every little girl, my best friend and I assumed, but we were next-level obsessed. As obsessed as a little girl could be with a clam-boobed red-headed half-fish, who takes us down this tricky storyline of defying her dad at 16 (defuq Ariel?), risking everything and giving up her all for a guy she met ONCE (and he didn't even know her name?? She saves him, then, SHE's obsessed?). She relies on her good looks and wily feminine charms to make the Prince fall in love with her, even though she couldn't speak (girl, how else would he love you if not for your mind??). 

Saw him once, now we #obsessed? Girl please!

Anyway, we were nary the wiser as afternoon after afternoon I would pop on the VHS and play the movie and consume it with every inch of my being. Every time we met up to play, my best friend and I would sing renditions of Part Of Your World around 20 times. Every time we had access to a swimming pool, best you believe we acted out scenes of The Little Mermaid.

Now that I’m much, much older, a part of me was so excited that a Little Mermaid remake was happening, and what more, to reflect racial representation in this day and age, Halle Bailey was announced as the title lead, Ariel. Yeah!

Now that the remake is in the works, it's important, nay, imperative that the storyline be updated to reflect the times we live in. Where we don't take too lightly to gender constructs of the past, where women live in the #metoo era, where we don't ever need a man to give our life meaning, and when so-called outwardly beauty does not define one's worth or how people should treat a person.

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So with that, we have rounded up 5 things that need to be addressed in the original Disney storyline in order for this remake to not reach cringe levels -- or at the very least serve an important lesson for young, impressionable girls and be reflective of our current day and age. 

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2. Ariel Needs To Be More Involved With Her Sisterhood

As a girl who didn’t grow up with sisters, I relied a lot on female friendships. I was always jealous of girls that had their own “in-built” female friends that they had with a sister. Friendships are close enough but nothing like the bonds that a sibling can guarantee. 

Now there’s a lot to be said about Ariel’s character and the last thing is that I want to drag her through the mud since this article has a lot to say about how her character is like, but the one thing that I never got even from back then was how Ariel was so disconnected she was from her sisters. And she had a LOT of sisters.

Would’ve given up everything for at least one sister in my life, nbd

Sure, family can be toxic. We know that. #AsianFamiliesRepresent but there’s nothing like growing up with that family support and structure. Ariel was surrounded by love and automatic friendships that could have taken her everywhere. 

Your life is already awesome, girl! You can breathe under water ffs

After all the lessons we’ve learned about being independent — you have to fill your own cup first before getting your fill from someone else’s. And it’s going to take a bit more than a Prince’s peach-emoji bum to sacrifice your everything. That’s not the lesson here. We’re looking at you Disney. 

Yeah you’re cute, but not worth a whole damn soul, pls.

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