How To Make A Quick And Easy Baked Salmon Dinner For The Weekend In Just One Pan In 5 Steps

A little hard to believe that you can get a whole dinner cooked in just 5 steps, and in one pan, right? No, you don’t just chuck everything on at the same time… but I do promise it’s quick and easy – perfect for when you want a no fuss weekend dinner. I’ve gotta lay it down that it’s a super convenient way to treat yourself to something hearty after a long day’s work too!

Ingredients you’ll be needing:

2 salmon steaks

10 small potatoes (halved or quartered)

A small box of button mushrooms (sliced)

1 lemon (halved)

1 stalk of fresh chives (chopped)

A handful cherry tomatoes

Half a bag of rocket

Salt & pepper for seasoning

Sriracha (optional)



An oven, pre-heated at 220 degrees. The trick is to switch it on and let it run while you prep your foods!

*Disclaimer: My oven is wonky, and I usually have to crank it up and “agak-agak” :P.


Now what?

1. Start prepping! Make sure you wash all your ingredients with some water, and pat dry. The easy part about this is that you don’t really have to cut or chop up much – I prefer slicing up the ingredients only when I need them, but it’s really up to you!


2. Line your baking pan with tin foil, and potatoes. Coat the potatoes with olive oil, and pepper and salt – don’t be shy, get in there with your hands!




3. While your perderders (say it out loud) are in the oven, lay out two sheets of tin foil, and place your seasoned salmon steaks on ’em.


Turn the foil into little bucket bags, and squeeze a halved lemon over each bag before wrapping/closing them.




4. Wait ’til the potatoes have cooked in the oven for between 25 – 30 mins before grouping them to one side (obviously outside of the oven). Place your SSBs (Salmon Steak Bags) beside the potatoes, and your sliced button mushrooms onto whatever space left you have on the pan. Don’t forget to season your mushrooms too.




5. Pop the whole lot back into the oven for another 30 mins. While waiting, plate your fresh rocket and cherry tomatoes. Plate the rest once your oven signals dings, and garnish the whole thing with fresh chives. DO NOT WASTE THE LEMON+SALMON JUICE SAUS IN THE BAGS – you can use it for a salad dressing too! Top your fish off with as much sriracha sauce as you like, and bon apetit!


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