We Test Drove These Cars To Bring You The Smoothest City Rides

Project Manager Vanessa Lim | Reviewers #TeamCLEO | Photography Courtesy of Brands Featured

You have to admit, in Malaysia we do love our cars. Even with the MRT in place that has eased up traffic and getting around, having a car is a necessity in order to get around.

So we were determined to see what cars are great for zipping around the city, dodging dodgy roadworks and getting to your last late-night destinations.

It’s time to take your car game to the next level. Buckle up, gear up and get ready to roam the streets in style!

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Cleo says: best all-rounder
hyundai tucson 1.6 turbo (Rm143,888 without insurance)


We absolutely love the sleek yet rugged looking exterior of a car. That’s love at first sight right? Aside from that, for an SUV and its 1.6 Turbo engine, you’ll have both performance and power in one. This car is sturdy enough to perform or speed up when needed at the same time staying super stable on the road — whether it be long-rides or an open highway.


Stability in a car is key and also crucial. It being an SUV, it actually drives off smoothly like a compact car and is really easy to manoeuvre around, all thanks to the Vehicle’s Stability Management (VSM) function. Besides, the accessories and technical functions in the car are things to look out for. For example, the great interactive dashboard and the Bluetooth connectivity. Nothing’s too complicated to work around.


Experience the best of both worlds when you take the Hyundai Tucson out for a spin. A perfect compact SUV for both couples and families, or even when you’re on your own.

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